Friday, September 04, 2009

LI Summer SUP Part 1 - Hurricane Bill

Hurricane Bill passed 275 miles off our coast August 22/23, sending big waves to our southern shores. Erosion was bad in spots, but in some cases sandbars improved for surf and SUP. The first couple days we hid from Bill's fury on the inside of Moriches Inlet, catching mellow 1-3 ft waves that would run for 100-200 yards. Here's one of those rides:

Later in the week we were scoring shoulder to overhead-plus at Dune Road ocean beaches in Southampton. I shared one of my favorite sessions at K Road with the Wolf and C.D., where we found waist to head-high waves, a warm, peaceful sunset, frosty beers and good company:

John & C.D.

This post also marks the introduction of my new waterproof camera, the Olympus Stylus Tough 8000. The photo quality is sadly subpar (see above), but it should make up for that in durability -- I'll post a full review later this fall. For now, enjoy these pics from LI Summer SUP Part 1:


HD said...

Great site, looks like we are going to be getting some of Hurricane Bill shortly. Swell forecasts are very good this week.

TonyWind said...

Cool! I need to get in to that too!

drysuit2 said...

that wave at the cup is super long. It's like a tidal bore. I'm super jealous.

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