Friday, October 10, 2008

Windsurfing the Bowl with a Camera

Usually, windsurfing at the Bowl in Hampton Bays means clouds, rain and generally subpar video and photo opportunities due to the cold, easterly winds. On September 25th, however, our bowl session actually started with some sun, thanks to getting stuck between a Carolina coastal low / Canadian high pressure combo that delivered NE side-off wind in the 20's. Before racing off to the water myself, I filmed a few minutes of the early action:

also available: youtube version

After donning the wetsuit, the waterproof Olympus 970 got a workout:
The Mighty Bowl Wave

I also attempted some more on-the-water shooting, including this hand-held footage (back hand on camera, front hand on boom) while on starboard tack, heading back to shore (you can see beach and jetty in the background):
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