Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ponquogue Video Stills

After a jam-packed week of visiting cousins, aunts, nephew and various dogs, birthday parties, windsurfing lessons at Tiana Bay for the kids, forecasting Hurricane Dean (my day job), scoring a killer evening sesh at RCP and Jamesport (pulled off 6 planing jibes thanks to an anonymous tip), and a short and sweet 4.7 early, early fall session at Sebonac today, I finally have a chance to upload some stills from video shot by my girlfriend Chiaying. She taped some wild and crazy wave sailing with a cool new widescreen camcorder. I hope to plunge in with iMovie tomorrow and eventually upload something to youtube. If I can keep it under 20mb, I might be able to e-mail out a better quality copy.

For now, however, I have video stills in this Flickr photoset: Ponquogue August 10th, 2007

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