Thursday, July 14, 2011

Freestyle Fanatics

Lovers of wind suffering through the Summer doldrums found major relief Monday, with windsurfers trekking from the NY Hudson Valley, CT and beyond to the place where the thermals blow: Heckscher State Park in East Islip, NY. Following a weekend of waves (12 hours on the water over 3 SUP sessions) I could only last an hour or two on my 5.9, attempting a couple vulcans here and there. At this point, I threw my rig on the beach and grabbed the waterproof camera to capture these action shots in the late day sun.

Ponch Popper

Thanks to Mike Burns for the heads up on the wind, for entertaining my photographer's sweet tooth, plus for keeping my Dakine T3 harness safe and sound in his trailer since the EC Windfest last month. Here's his account of Monday's sesh: Windsurfing IS a drug!, where he's got photos of these moments as shot from the beach by Newsday photographer John Dunn.


TonyWind said...

As usual, great pics Jeff!

grattongal said...

What rig are u using for both windsurfing and SUP?

Jeff, aka Peconic Jeff said...

Hi grattongal, you can get a look at the rig in this pic and in video from last Sept.

The rig breakdown: a 4.7 or 5.8 Maui Sails Global, Maui Sails skinny carbon boom, and a Streamlined extension on a Euro pin, while the SUP is a Starboard Element 11'2"x30" and has screw holes for single-bolt mastbases. When wind starts hitting upper teens and low 20's, I'll board down to a 100L Fanatic Skate (as pictured above).

And TonyWind, thanks!!

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