Monday, May 22, 2006

Losing Fins and Carving Peconic Bay

The sun was out, winds were gusting well into the 20's out of the SW, and I thought it'd be the perfect day for some pictures at Red Cedar Point. Luckily my brother was available to man the camera, but the photo shoot came to an abrupt end when I hit bottom and ripped off the stock 35cm fin. Despite lots of searching since, I've been unable to find it. Some crab probably dragged it to deeper waters - it is horseshoe crab mating season after all.

After some credit card abuse over at Windsurfing Hamptons, I returned with 28cm and 35cm G-Sport replacements, but by then I had lost my cameraman. I only have this picture from a week later showing a little carve action. This time I'm well away from shore!

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