Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Learning Windsurfing and Loving It

Windsurfing the East End has been great this Spring, with plenty of high wind days at Sebonac, Jamesport, the Bowl and Mecox (April Nor'easter Flickr Photoset), and Cupsogue (Wave Sailing at Cupsogue Flickr Photoset). I've given my 89L Naish 8'7" and 5.2 Ezzy a real workout, and have gained valuable shortboard experience on chop and waves. I have been making 30-50% of my jibes, and having fun with jumps. The Naish is sooo light and maneuverable; I love digging the inside rail into a steep ramp and popping the board up. I had one jump at Jamesport where I got the board completely above me. Unfortunately, I can only do this reliably on a starboard tack (probably because I'm right-handed) - I hesitate on port, and don't always feel confident and in control.

But the calendar is about to tip into June, and high wind days will be more rare (except for the occasional Tropical Storm; last year, Beryl and Ernesto brought strong easterlies to Long Island). My attention will turn more to flat water fun behind Red Cedar Point. The plan is to work on planing duck jibes and other freestyle moves. Best of all, I have two windsurfing neighbors renting a house next door! Carlos and Guillermo would sometimes make the long trip to the Point in previous summers, but now I know where to hunt them down when the SW wind gets crankin!

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