Friday, July 24, 2009

Ponquogue Best

Amazing day yesterday, easily one of the top 5 Ponquogue best for me, perhaps even the best. First, a round of applause to the meteorologists at

Noon Update Forecast is on track so far, but the low looks to be strengthening further today. The late day winds could push much stronger then originally forecasted, with gusts pushing into the 30s. Watch trends.

And the result?

When I arrived after 3pm and found the Wolf & C.D. heading out on 5.8/6.2, I knew they'd be back soon. I went straight to 5.2 / 93L, and with the recent low tide, shorebreak was gentle and wind aplenty. Waves were 3' and building, and I went at them full-steam, jumping high, crashing backloops and devouring big air after such a long drought. This led to gluttonous over-consumption and eventual intoxication as I hung on to the 5.2 for far too long. Re-rigged to 4.7 and spent some time playing on the clean 3-6'+ waves, but was already too spent to really enjoy it. The waves were more on-shore than usual, coming in SSE to the E-ENE wind, and they served up a playground (more like amusement park, or even NASA training facility) for jumping and riding.

Jimi Sobeck rocked it both from the wave and air. His high-altitude bailouts thrilled the crowd, and his surfing skills showed on the wave. Also putting the surf in windsurf were John Natalie and Jon Ford, who slashed and carved the lips on some niiice waves (too bad no one manned a camera!), along with the Fisherman and C.D. The rest of us were happy to gain experience and make progress in the ocean, and occasionally pull off a sweet move.

As the tide came up, the ocean showed us who was in charge. Many of us spent time getting schooled by the shorebreak and sweeping side current. Even John Natalie took a trip in the ripping rapids, easing the pain felt by us lower wave mortals. Besides Jimi's high air bailouts, we had another Maui moment when Michael Alex almost made it over a 5' shorebreaker. He had barely gotten over the first wave, but was at least moving forward in the light near-shore winds. As the next wave started building, I knew it was going to be close -- I started yelling "Go! Go! Go!", but the light wind had failed him. The wave reared its mightiness, the onlookers braced to take Michael's pain and let forth a groaning "OOOHHH!!" as the wave consumed both him (having bailed left) and his gear in one crunching bite. You could see his gear inside the wave as it went over the falls, but fortunately it escaped destruction (Michael too).

I'm getting my waterproof camera fixed ASAP- we can't miss out on moments like these.

More details on the session from the Peconic Puffin: Whipped at Ponquogue, But We Lap It Up


PeconicPuffin said...

Well told. The side current at the shore was brutal at the was all we could do to just stand in place.

I'm still amazed that I didn't break any gear during my "Maui Moment"...I was so very much in the wrong place at the wrong time.

chris daniels said...

I enjoyed your summary of the other day, wow, we all had allot of fun. It was nice to see the large turnout, all the different styles and personalities in and out of the water! Please I will help buy you a new camera, you always take the time to document the moment and all of us look forward to your excellent eye!

PeconicPuffin said...

I've reread your post a couple of times now, and agree with CD about its excellence! I did another post about the day, focused on my getting smushed by the wave.

You surely do need a camera! We all need you to have a camera.

Jeff, aka Peconic Jeff said...

Thanks guys! The lack of camera has forced me to brush up on writing skills (always a chore). Camera repairs are high priority and soon to be underway!

George Markopoulos said...

ahhh sounds sweet! wish there where some photos to enjoy!

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