Sunday, December 28, 2008

Foggy day at Cupsogue, aka Cupfog*

Big time fog at the Cup today, it was crazy, but fun and safe for the most part. Scott, the Wolf, Fisherman, Bill Barber and I found 3-5' glassy clean waves on the inside, and 6'+ waves jacking up on the outer sandbar on the outside. I was on 5.2 and 93L the whole time, but often painfully underpowered -- twice in front of monster crumblers. One took me for a 10-15 second ride in raging whitewater while I held both breath and boom. (This led to one of two walks of shame through the fog). The visibility in the fog was a couple hundred feet most of the day, so you could make out the waves and other sailors no problem, but not seeing the beach most of the time was a bit eerie. There were some heavy construction machines (there for dredging Moriches Inlet) with lights on that helped with finding the launch spot, though the diesel fumes were not appreciated. I did have a few moments of glee, including jumping off the front of small, tightly packed waves and landing their backs, launching off a couple 6-footers, and best of all, riding a couple of those big ones, esp. early on when they were glassy and clean.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my camera this morning, so no boom cam footage -- frustrating since today was so rare and eerie. On the fortunate side, we've got a windy week ahead!

* Cupfog title credit goes to the Wolf!

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