Sunday, December 17, 2006

Solo Sesh at Mecox

What a day over at Mecox Bay today! Gusty 15-25 mph SW winds and air temps in the low 50's (water temps manageable in the upr 40's). Originally I was hoping to meet up and surf with Michael, but unfortunately he was side-lined with a cold. I then checked in with Jon Ford, who was headed to Cupsogue to do some ocean sailing (apparently great on a SW). Unfortunately that launch needs a 4wd for access, the only major drawback of a van. Next time I'll plan better and see if I can borrow my brother's new monster pickup truck.

Arriving at Mecox around noon, I found a wide open bay with some decent chop building. I rigged the 6.2m to start, and managed the gusts until about hour later when they picked up full blast to 20-25. It was tough getting back, and a bit tiring, but the shallow bay made things easier.

For the rest of the day, I was in a range from "nicely balanced" to "nicely over-powered" on the 5.2m. I had fun hopping chop, as I'm still in the early stages of jumping waves and swells. I'm also still in the early stages of gybing through chop, which I'm finding much tougher than flat water.

My bro was cool enough to stop by in his monster truck and snap a couple pics and videos (thanks Keith!). I'll update this entry later with some highlights and spills; I welcome all comments and pointers!

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