Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ABK Windsurfing Clinic at Napeague - Sept 2007

The ABK clinic this past weekend was a success, despite the mostly light winds. We all pulled off one new move (the sloppy but useful Gecko Loop), and got tons of instruction on many other freestyle moves. I'm on a hunt for a small fin to shave down, so I can start skipping into Vulcans and Flakas. I greatly enjoyed meeting and learning alongside such a cool and enthusiastic group.

I'm starting to upload pictures to Flickr: ABK freestyle clinic at Napeague - Sept 2007

Andy shouting freestyle instruction

On a side tangent, some fellow campers saw me trying out the orange waterproof Olympus 790SW. The camera is very sturdy and easy to use. Some of the pictures came out great (see the Flickr set), and some came out unfocused. But I was mostly disappointed with the video mode as it had terrible sound, and a 10-second limitation for the high quality mode (640x480 30fps). Read my more detailed rant if you are considering this camera.


PeconicPuffin said...

That was a great camp. This was a great blog...probably still would be if you kept it up. You've got all those great photos that other LI windsurfing blogs keep should run them yourself! Just a few words for a caption...maybe a paragraph about the day or cool would that be?

-A fan.

Jeff said...

You sir, are correct! After a flurry of posts in September, it's gone quiet here. I do have tons of pictures and stories, but lately little time to sort through them. Thanks for the inspiration (read: kick in the butt) though!

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