Monday, August 20, 2007

Ponquogue Wave Sailing video - August 2007

Video from the August 10th, 2007 Ponquogue session (direct link):


Anonymous said...

you can post and share your rides on

PeconicPuffin said...

Nice work Chiaying and Jeff! That was quite a day. You could make an entire video of the wave newbies (like Jeff and I) being knocked down the beach one hundred yards on half of our launch attempts.

Thanks for putting this together...very cool.

Anonymous said... 'Lou from Jamesport' fantastic video I just used my last roll of duct tape on my North 6.5 Next disaster means I'll have to get some gear less than 15 yrs old. see You on the water.

tmr84 said...

Very nice video. The water looks just like the ocean down here on the jersey coast, lol!
Looks like the wind increased towards the end of it. A lot more white caps visible.

Jeff said...

thanks tmr84! I guess we have similar coastlines and wave conditions with those sandy barrier beach shorelines. Even the Outer Banks. Hatteras Island is a double-sized Dune Road to me, though it's weird to see things like gas stations and dairy queens on a barrier island!

I've added a link to your blog page Windsurfing NJ to my page. See you on the net and on the water!

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