Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hark! A Peconic Puffin Flies In

I had no idea what an Atlantic Puffin sounded like until the recently resurrected Peconic Puffin flapped onto the windsurfing blog scene. Check this out (I'd never guess):

A big hello and thanks to Michael and the PP for sparking me back into action. I have been sailing over the last few months, but haven't made the time for a blog update. I'll be back-dating a couple "new" entries to try and get back up to speed. I also want to thank the PP for this highly needed and useful Long Island Windsurfing Map. You can add spots to it that aren't already there (or perhaps supply additional details for ones that are). One neat detail would be photos, which flickr does with their maps. For example, this is a map of photos I took across the East End while this is a map of the roughly 1500 windsurfing photos across the world!

Finally, the puffin picture and sound comes from the National Audubon Society's Project Puffin, which I actually lived 3 miles down the road from when I lived in Ithaca. I'm taking this as a sign from the universe and will be adopting a puffin for the year.


Michael said...

You featured a puffin in your blog before I did in the Puffin blog...doh!

I'll have to add some puffin video to my site as well. Most of my friends could tell you that in addition to the sounds you've got here, a contented puffin will say "bep bep bep bep bep bep."

Just in case you were wondering.

Now the question is: did you see any Puffins at Mecox?


Jeff said...

No Puffins to report- Atlantic, Peconic or otherwise. There were, however, several seagulls, a clammer, 3 hunters (with shotguns!) and a kite-boarder.

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