Sunday, April 23, 2006

My first Ponquogue wave sailing session

An East wind this weekend brought much desired side-onshore conditions at Ponquogue Beach. On Saturday, 5.7-6.2 conditions gave way to 4.7-5.2 as the pressure gradient tightened through the day. About 15-20 windsurfers hit the waves, which were a bit sloppy and disorganized, but a manageable 1-3 feet for newbies like myself. This was my second time on the ocean in winds greater than 20mph, and I'm glad to say that this time I survived with my sail intact. Air and sea temps were in the 40's, so dry suits, hoods and gloves were necessary.

More photos to be found in this flickr set, including this one of Jon Ford getting some major air:

I ended up the day with a late afternoon session on Peconic Bay. The winds were still cranking, perhaps even more than before, and I really flew across the chop. Time to get a GPS, I think.


Michael said...

Saturday at Ponquogue rocked! For years I've sailed everywhere but the ocean on the east all I can think about is getting back out into the waves and swell. I want to learn to jump like the good guys were doing. Thanks for posting those photos!

Jeff said...

Hey Michael, thanks for writing. Some of the photos are from a decent 4 Megapixel still camera, while others are just captures from a digital camcorder (ie, the blurrier ones, like Jon Ford's jump). In the future I hope to upload video, if I can figure out where to host it.

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