Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GoPro HD Clewcam - trial run at Sebonac

Bright sun, low tide, and small but smooth waves at Sebonac - February 19, 2010. Gusty winds into the 20's, using 5.2 (blue Ezzy) and then 4.7 (lime Maui Sail). The 4.7 jumps were too jarring for the trial mounting attempt, but hey, at least I know the safety line works! Originally shot in 1280x960 (960p).

Also see the Peconic Puffin's report for this day: The Ice is Gone but the Wind Remains at Sebonac


Anonymous said...

that was a sweet video - I have to say, every time I see a new video shot with those GoPro cameras, I get insanely jealous... they take such great videos, and are so close to the action!

cheers, my2fish

Bunty said...

Is that the same fitting on the clue as on the helmet? I have the old version of the camera with the boom mount but a friend of mine has just bought the new HD with all the 'gubbins' and now the LCD attachment too. Just wondering if it is the same as the helmet attachment he can then try it on the clew. With my camera I stick it right at the back of my boom.

Joe said...

Damn it Jeff, the last thing I need is another toy! These videos are breaking down my will power. I WANT ONE!!!!!

P.S. Ditto what my2fish said.

P.P.S Hi Bunts old gal, funny bumping into you here.

Jeff, aka Peconic Jeff said...

@my2fish - I bet the a GoPro camera would feel right at home on a sunfish. Cheers!

@Bunty - I used the vented helmut strap mount for this clewcam footage, though I'm still working out the kinks (ie, need to figure out the best knots for those straps). I may opt for the tripod adapter and my gorillapod. What is the LCD attachment?

@Joe - I'll keep making videos until your will power gets destroyed. ;)

Thanks for the comments guys!

Andy said...

Nice one man!

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