Monday, May 11, 2009

Sebonac Joy

Nothing like a sunny and warm, full-blast Sebonac session to spark the blog back to life! I've had a busy period the past month or so, which included a fun and blustery trip to Hatteras, a breakdown and untimely death of my aging windsurfing van in Delaware, a trip to Vegas for a surprise birthday party, and a presentation to 150 Miller Place HS students. Fortunately, the wind arrived on a weekend (Mother's Day no less!), and I was able to grab 4 fully lit hours on 4.7 / 77L, often reaching moments of nirvana after getting dialed in.

Jan at Sebonac
9 more photos from the day: Sebonac - May 10, 2009

Also see the Peconic Puffin's report: Who WASN’T Tearing It Up at Sebonac?


Anonymous said...

Hooray, you're back online! Glad to hear about those moments of nirvana,

Dan Perelman said...

Hi Jeff,

I recently took over as the organizer/moderator of the New York Windsurfing Meetup Group ( NY Windsurfers Meetup Group is similar to Yahoo! Groups, but uses the platform as the engine. This is not a club or a business – there is no dues or fees. It's just a site to meet and get in touch with other windsurfers in the region; share stories and info, and organize events. I would like to get input from all regional clubs and give them the ability to announce their events and races to everyone in the region.

Could not figure out another way of contacting you, so decided to post this comment.

Best regards,
Dan Perelman

Jeff, aka Peconic Jeff said...

Hi Dan,

Thanks for posting the information and taking over as organizer of the NY Windsurfing Meetup Group. I just refreshed my account and rejoined the group. I'll also add a link to the front page of this blog.


PS. I can be contacted via e-mail, address is on the profile page.

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